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WorkLife® delivers innovative and economical WorkLife® Human Resource Solutions that promote flexibility, respect, and results.

Work-life strategies are the solution to many present-day challenges...

  • adapting to our new way of working due to the COVID-19 pandemic

  • juggling child and elder care responsibilities

  • changing employee expectations about work/life balance

  • rising organizational costs due to work-life conflict and mental health challenges

  • technology contributing to 24/7 availability, workload and stress

  • becoming an employer of choice with the ability to attract, motivate, reward and retain employees

  • addressing global warming by reducing carbon emissions


Customized WorkLife® Solutions


Our philosophy is to provide an engaging and creative learning/working session. This approach blends delivery of leading-edge information based on research of best practices, with interactive exercises designed to assess organizational and staff challenges and then develop specific strategies, tools and ideas that can be used in the workplace with immediate results.

Making the Flexible Workplace “Work”!

For Executives, Managers, Supervisors and HR Professionals


If you’re wondering how to successfully implement and manage flexible work arrangements and remote teams, this workshop is for you.

  • identify the jobs/work and people suited to flexible work arrangements.

  • plan to successfully implement Flexible Work Arrangements

  • learn results based management processes to make the flexible workplace work

Building the Foundation for WorkLife Effectiveness

For Work-life Committees and HR Professionals


This workshop takes participants through the steps required to build the foundation for work-life effectiveness suited to their organization.

  • ​Determine specific organizational drivers and requirements

  • Develop the work-life vision, policy and strategy

  • Identify key strategies and initiatives

  • Develop an implementation plan and performance measures

Managing Time in a 24/7 World

For Teams and Staff at all Levels


This workshop explores simple changes with big impacts including reducing day to day stress, promoting better work-life balance and enhancing productivity.

  • identify key organizational and/or personal work-life/workload challenges

  • assess current organizational/personal practice and impacts of these practices

  • explore best practices of leading organizations

  • develop customized work-life / workload management strategies and tools that have positive impacts on an organizational and personal level

Work-life Balance. For All Who Struggle to Juggle!

For Teams and Staff at all Levels


Learn practical tips and tools to reduce stress and improve work-life balance.

  • learn practical tips and tools to reduce stress and improve work-life balance.

  • learn practical tips and tools that you can put to work the moment you leave the workshop to help improve your work-life balance and success.

  • participants receive a free WorkLife® Journal.




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WorkLife® Resources

WorkLife® HQ is home-based in BC, Canada.


Since 1998, WorkLife® has been providing human resource solutions to organizations of all sizes and across all sectors. We focus on getting the right results through superior client service. We emphasize consultation, commitment to excellence and innovation, in a spirit of collaboration.

At WorkLife® we walk the talk. We are home-based and make business decisions allowing for effective management of work-life priorities. 

Please contact us today to discuss your workplace needs by emailing your questions and requests to worklife@telus.netWe appreciate your business.


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